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Bridal Hair Questions

Q. When should I book my wedding hair appointment?

A. Most of our brides book shortly after setting their wedding date. Due to increasing demand we reccomend that you book well in advance to ensure availability.

Q. When should a bride have a trial done?

A.We recommend that you have a trial about one month before your wedding. If possible you should have the trial the same day as a dress fitting.
This will allow you to have a preview of the completed look before the big day.

Q. What should I take with me to my hair trial?

A. 1) Photos of styles that you like.
     2) A photo of your dress for added inspiration.
     3) Any accessories you plan to wear on the day
          i.e veil, clips earrings etc.
     4) Wear any ivory or white shirt on the day of your
          trial if possible.

Q. Do I need very long hair for an up-style?

A. Shoulder length hair is sufficient to create an up-style.

Q. How much does my hair grow per month?

A. On average hair grows between 10mm and 15mm per month.

Q. How close to my wedding day should I have my colour done?

A. Have your colour freshened up 5 to 7 days before your big day.
Decide on a hair colour and don't experiment in the run up to your wedding.

Q. What are your top tips for healthy and attractive hair?

A. Beautiful hair comes from within, therefore a healthy diet is very important. However using the right
products to help nourish and strengthen hair is essential. We have a fantastic range of L'oreal products
and our new Moroccon Oil is a must for healthy, attractive hair for all brides.

Q. Should I wash my hair on the morning of my wedding?

A. We prefer if you wash your hair the day before your wedding/trial. This allows your hair to re-settle.
Also don't use any styling products or straightening irons.

Q. What should I wear while having my hair done on the morning of my wedding?

A. It's very important for the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride etc. to wear a top that doesn't
have to be removed over one's head on the morning of the wedding.

Q. What do I need to provide when having my hair done in my own home?

A. A mirror to work in front of is essential, room to work and access to power points.